Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Many Reasons for Dog Blankets

Dog blankets are a new and emerging must have in the dog world. This is because there are so many different things you can use these blankets. There is also so many different designs, colors, and sizes that all dog owners can find one that suits their needs.

Dog Blankets for Car Rides

Most dogs when they go on car rides either sleep on the back seat or in the back of a SUV or van. Most times these are not very comfortable places. By putting down a dog blanket you will make their ride much more comfortable. These blankets can also protect your car from dirt, mud, and pet hair. It is a lot easier to wash a blanket then to have to clean your entire car.

Dog Blankets for Carriers

While most dog carriers have a padded bottom they are still not the most comfortable, especially for aging dogs. By laying down a dog carrier blanket, you will provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort for those trips. They can also make a quick bed for your dog when you get to your destination. A blanket taken from home can also help lessen travel anxiety, because it will smell like home to them.

Dog Blankets at Home

There are several reasons why you would like to use a dog blanket at home. The first reason is to add an extra layer of comfort to a dog bed. Many dogs enjoy burrowing under something to stay nice and warm. Another reason why blankets for dogs are a good idea is because paired with a dog bed it could increase the time needed between washing the bed. By laying down a blanket you will get more dirt and hair on that so you can easily wash the blanket, compared to washing an entire dog bed. Lastly, many dogs have favorite sleeping spots in the house that are not their beds, but it is not possible to put a bed in these spots. By laying down a dog blanket in these spots you will give your dog more comfort. Also you will not have to clean as much because the blanket will collect the hair and dirt.

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