Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dog Carrier Tips

Dog Carrier Tips

Below are some tips that will help you choose the best dog carrier for your plane ride.

· Don’t buy a carrier right before you need to use it, buy it at least a week before hand to give your dog ample time to get used to it. Many people buy dog carriers on their way to the airport and then wonder why their dog won’t get into it.

· Don’t feed your dog for 6 hours before you get on the plane and hold off water at least an hour before the trip. If you dog has a full stomach, it could make for an very uncomfortable trip for them or even an accident while flying.

· When flying with your dog, make sure you get there early enough to give yourself extra time to get through security.

· Make sure you do your research before you travel. Some airlines require you to have an extra form filled out by veterinarian.

· Every airline is different, make sure you check your airline for different regulations regarding animals in the cabin and the extra fee associated with it.

· Not every dog carrier is airline approved. Not every airline approved dog carrier will work on every airline. Make sure you check out the regulations and requirements of the airline you are flying on.

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