Monday, September 14, 2009

Car Accessories for Your Dog

Car Accessories for Your Dog

Traveling with your dog can be very rewarding. It can also be a horrible experience if you have a dog that does not travel well. There are many different accessories that will make traveling with your dog more enjoyable. Remember- it is never safe to leave your dog in your dog unattended.

Dog Seat Belts

Dog Seat Belts are a very important thing to have when taking your dog for a ride in your car. There are several uses for these. The first being is if you have a dog that does not like to lay down in your car. A dog seat belt will kept them where they belong instead of trying to crawl all over your car and distracting you. Another reason why it is good to have your dog use a seat belt is for accidents. Just like humans if you were to get in an accident, your dog could go flying through the windshield without a seat belt to hold them in.

Dog Crates

Dog Crates are another good thing to use when your dog is traveling with you. Dog crates are beneficial for the same reasons that dog seat belts are. The only negative about crates is that you need to have a van or SUV to fit a large dog crate in.

Dog Car Seats

Many little dogs enjoy riding right up front with you in the passenger seat. But because dog’s can’t be declawed you risk having them tear up the side of your car with their nails when they try to see out the window. Dog Car Seats give your dog a booster up so they can look out the window. Another positive thing about dog car seats is that they often have a leash hook attachment that can be attached to a dog harness that will act as a dog seat belt.

Car Seat Covers

For those people that have their dogs ride in their back seat and are sick of having to vacuum the hair and dirt out of the seats all the time, a car seat cover is the perfect solution. There are many styles available that will help you control the everyday dirt and hair that accumulates on the seats. You can choose from one that just covers the seat or one that cover the seat and the feet area- like a hammock. Many of these rear seat covers can also be zipped so that people can sit down without having to take the whole thing off. Most will also allow a space for a seat belt to come through so that you can attach a dog seat belt. You can choose from many different colors, sizes, and to cover the back seat or middle bucket seats.

Travel Bowls/Dishes

When traveling with your pet it is always safe to have extra water on hand and food. But it is not convenient to have to carrier around hard dog bowls. Dog travel bowls and dishes are perfect for a car trip. They are collapsible and can easily have food and water added to them.

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