Sunday, July 17, 2011

Types of Dog Carriers

Dog carriers are an important accessory for anyone with a dog. The carriers are designed for ease and convenience to transport the family pet, and when the pet is the best friend, having him / her along for important outings or just time together is important.

Dog carriers are designed in many different styles with many being a fashion statement in themselves and styles include:

Dog sling:  The dog sling is a comfortable dog carrier that is used for small dogs and is warn over the owner’s shoulder.  The sling allows the dog to ride comfortably in the front or to the side of the owner.

Puppy purse carriers are truly unique and are a harness that fits onto the body of the dog with two straps just as a purse.  The puppy is then carried just as the owner was carrying a purse.

Handbag dog carriers:  Handbag dog carriers are designed to be extremely attractive for the owner and comfortable for the pouch.  The handbags have plenty of ventilation and can be completely closed or open for the pooch to peek out of.

Rolling carriers:  Rolling carriers are carriers that roll just as luggage and a comfortable and convenient ride for both owner and dog.  

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