Monday, July 18, 2011

Small Dog Puppy Halloween Costumes

There isn’t a better time to take the family dog along on an outing than trick-or-treating.  And, there is no better time to dress him in a costume than Halloween!

This year’s selection of Halloween dog costumes definitely has some great choices that will keep the entire neighborhood entertained.  For long doxies the Hot Dog Weiner costume is a great choice as they slip into the costume that fits around their body with two buns on the side a hotdog in the middle and ketchup and mustard on the top.

Other great ideas for small dog Halloween costumes are a fireman, a sailor, a nurse, a dog bumble bee costume, batman, a jail bird, a veterinarian, the Joker, Indiana Jones, Zorro and more. 

For owner’s that want to make sure the family pet is involved in this year’s festivities, there isn’t a better way than their own special costume.  And, the selection is great~

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