Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bling for your dog's collar

There is nothing nicer than identity, and for the family pet, they appreciate being “known” as well whether by their name, or through their personality which is why many pet owners are selecting dog collar charms for their pet.

Dog collar charms are designed to be slipped onto the dog’s collar which adds a very nice touch of class or character.  The charms can be found in every price range and can be found in simple designs to classy designer designs which can get quite costly. 

Designs this year include dog bone charms, initials, hears, the Eiffel Tower (for that pouch that is a bit more on the sophisticated side) and many other selections.  The charms are designed from many different materials such as various metals which may be painted and / or have the addition of gems on the charm. 

To add character and charm to your dog’s already unique personality, a dog collar charm will definitely be worth considering.

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