Friday, July 15, 2011

Does your dog destroy all toys?

We all love our pets, and love to ensure that they have the necessities of life to ensure the dog’s well-being. For dogs that are aggressive chewers, durable dog toys are a priority. There are many reasons that dog toys are necessary in for the animal which not only include exercise and interaction but they toys also offer different dental benefits- which many pet owners do not realize. Toys that spend a number of hours in the dog’s mouth as the pet chews on the toy actually benefits the animal’s teeth as the toy works as an abrasive to dislodge plaque, strengthen the teeth and jaws, massage the gums and reduce tartar build-up.

Great dog toys for aggressive chewers include:

Hard Nylon Bones
Rubber / Latex / Vinyl Dog Toys
Nylon Toys
Rubber Toys
Plush / Fabric Dog Toys
Rope Dog Toys

With the selection of toys on today’s market, pet owners who own dog’s that are aggressive chewers, will have no problem selecting strong, durable toys that are healthy for the animal.

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