Saturday, July 09, 2011

Hiking Backpacks for Dogs

With all the dog accessories on the market today, dog owners have many useful devices that make life with their pets more convenient. The backpack for dogs is just one accessory that the dog owner has that makes life an adventure.
There are many different styles of backpacks from the over the shoulder pack which is much like a purse in which dog is carried in the pooch as it is secured over the owners shoulder. Because it is soft it is comfortable for the dog and lightweight for the owner. The dog can either be enclosed or have the carrier opened for the pooch to look out.
Another type of backpack dog carrier is the backpack carrier that attaches to the owners back. Again, the material is soft and comfortable and lightweight for the owner. The dog can be completely confined or have the flap open so he is able to see his surroundings.

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