Friday, July 01, 2011

Baseball Clothes for Dogs

Whether just a day at the park or whether you pooch is playing mascot for the team, there are baseball clothes and costumes for your pooch.
So, exactly what does this year’s baseball attire include? Everything associated with baseball that your pooch could dream of. The season is filled with caps, numbers, colors, logos and more.
For the colder weather a knitted jersey may be the perfect choice. If the weather is a bit on the warmer side, then a nicely tailored jersey may be of choice. Aside from the jersey’s there are also dog collars with play baseballs attached, caps and even the shoes.
Another great thing about the baseball clothes for dogs, is this year, whether they are rooting for your home team or your favorite major league team, there are designs for both. You’ll find the entire major’s as well as just white with strips and the number on the shirt.

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