Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fun Summer Dog Hair Bows

Definitely an accessory for the female and one that suits her well!  Dog hair bows are the perfect addition to accentuate that female animal in your hound.  
The bows are designed to fit comfortable onto the pooches ear.  In fact, they are designed with sheer comfort and style in mind, that can be worn alone or an accessory to the pooches clothes.  This year there are many designs from many types of bow in many different material including satin, lace, cotton, velvet, and more. From simple to sophisticated there is something that definitely will match that special personality in your dog. 
Dog hair bows can come designed to clip onto the dogs ear or in a rubber band type that fits securely around the dog’s ear.  Each is stylish and each will definitely add to the dog’s wardrobe.  And, there are many affordable styles from just a few dollars and up. 

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