Saturday, July 02, 2011

Beautiful Dog Collar Charms

There’s something to be said when Fido can show that special spark of his/her personality right on the collar.  Whether your pooch is into a full wardrobe or a simple collar, dog collar charms are something that will bring out you pooches personality.
This year the selection is wide.  Whether just a charm with your dog’s initial, a cameo, a star, a bone, dog cross bones charm or heart, there is definitely something on the market that will fit nicely around the collar and bring that special quality in your pooch.
The dog collar charms fit right onto the collar and come from affordable metals with colors to dazzling rhinestones.  Or if your dog happens to be the gold or silver type, then there is gold and silver as well. 
No matter what you are looking for in a charm there is something in this year’s styles that will not only suit your dog, but your budget as well.

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