Thursday, June 23, 2011

Types of Dog Brushes

When it comes to the care of the family dog, a good dog brush is important. Grooming is a special time between dog owner and dog as it is a pampering that the dog so desperately needs.
You will find that when you are shopping, there are many different types of brushes to choose from, and knowing exactly what is best for your dog’s coat is necessary.
Bristle Brush: The bristle brush is for all types of coats and varies according in size and shape and the spacing between bristles and the length of the bristles. If you have a long haired dog and select a bristle brush you will want to choose one that has the bristles further apart and the bristles should be longer. If you pets hair is coarse then you will want to select a brush with stiffer bristles.
Wire Pin Dog Brushes: For medium to long haired dogs, wire pin brushes, is a great brush. These brush come with both rubber tipped ends and non-rubber tipped ends are also great for curly or woolly coats.
Slicker Brushes: Slicker brushes are designed for dogs that hair gets matted and tangled. The brush is designed with fine wire bristles and a good choice for all dogs with matting and tangling problems.

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