Friday, June 24, 2011

Hard Sided Dog Kennels

Locking your dog in a kennel is never an easy situation; however, it is often the safest situation for the dog.  Whether traveling in the car with your pet, or flying in a plane, a dog kennel will provide the safety and security that your animal needs.  
Hard sided dog kennels are durable and designed for the protection of the dog.  The frame is constructed of a hard plastic with the front being fully ventilated.  The ventilation comes from a front wire door, with wire windows along each side, ensuring the pet has plenty of air and the availability to know his surrounds, which is essential for the pet’s well-being.
When choosing a hard sided dog kennel for your animal, you will want to ensure that you choose a kennel that will provide the maximum comfort.  The kennel should be six inches higher than his shoulder height, and six inches longer than his body. 

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