Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Comfortable Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are well preferred than dog collars these days due to the harm that a dog collar may bring upon your lovely little pooches. Dog collars happen to concentrate all the strain on the neck and with sudden jerk movements can cause unseen adverse effects on either the trachea of your pooch or incur unwanted and painful neck and back injuries. It is well advised to use a dog harness instead because it is like having the weight of the yank and the pressure applied during movement is concentrated on a larger and stronger mid-area of the body.
 If you are a dog lover, the last thing you need is to hurt your dogs. Although you might take utmost care that your pooch does not face harsh handling in any case, there might be instances where the extension cord gets stuck somewhere and your pooch tries to free from it thus causing hurt to its neck. Dog harnesses on the other hand gives a firm and stronger grip to the dog and is rather too comfortable as compared to a dog collar.
 You have a variety of dog harnesses available in the market today in various colors and sizes. They also adorn beautiful designs to make them look extra stylish and special. Your pets would love to walk around in comfortable harnesses rather than collars. Overall dog harnesses are much preferred since they do not cause any kind of external skin or internal organ damage to dog necks be it a small or a big dog.

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