Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Carry your pets on-board with airline approved dog carriers

Carrying pets in cute and adorable little bags are the ‘in thing’ with famous people. This trend has caught upon the society in no time and you see numerous people carrying their charming little puppies in handy dog carriers that serve well for transporting the dog along with you while you are on the move. Pets are very close to many owners and the owners as well find it hard to spend time apart from them. In such instances, dog carriers come well into their rescue and help them carry around their pets in attractive pouches that also double as a handbag.

Sometimes we would love to take our pets with us on our holidays and long distance travel. For such traveling one needs to essentially carry their pets in airline approved dog carriers. There are only a handful of brands that are airline approved as dog carriers and you need to find the right vendors who make these dog carriers easily available to you.

While carrying a dog that weighs within 12pounds is easy with a carrier bag that may hang on the shoulder, for bigger dogs you have the choice of carrier bags that come with wheels and trolleys that could be easily dragged around. Measure your dog weight and length along with the height before you place an order for the perfect fit dog carrier that is also airline approved. You could choose dog carriers that have cushioning material within, that gives the much needed comfort for your pooches in them and also make sure that they are well ventilated and made out of a fabric that allows a light feeling and is able to allocate a constant flow of fresh air.

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