Friday, January 28, 2011

Help! My dog is chewing, what can I do?

Is your dog a destroyer? Do you have a new puppy that chews everything in your house? At Poochieheaven we have some options that will help you keep your sanity and keep your dog busy.

The first option to keep your dog busy is to give them some type of chews such as bully sticks or Himalayan dog chews.  They are chews that great tasting and will give your dog something they are supposed to chew on, rather than chewing on your shoes.

Another option is purchasing interactive dog toys. While your dog can not chew on these toys, they are great ways to keep your dog's mind active, which is just as important.

The last option, for those not wanting to always buy dog chews, it is buy some durable dog toys. While no toys are indestructible, the ones we carry come pretty close. These toys will allow your dog to chew on something without being able to eat through it.

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