Thursday, July 22, 2010

Talk to Me Thursday

I recently had a customer ask is BioMedic foam on the dog couches really worth the extra cost? When we asked the designer if they were really worth the extra cost, below is the response I got.

Think of the BioMedic foam like the tempurpedic beds that are in the mall. Take 10 minutes next time you are there and relax on one. It is like nothing else. Chinese memory foam does not count, try American made or tempurpedic. You are probably going to want to buy a new bed.

Is there an added benefit:

For dogs under 10lbs, it is a minor benefit. For dogs 10-20 pounds it is a good benefit. For dogs over 20lbs it is a must.

Why the BioMedic foam is the best:

  1. The BioMedic American made memory foam is the most comfortable dog furniture available anywhere.
  2. They never wear out.
What is BioMedic foam?

It was originally developed by NASA for the space program, memory foam is the most comfortable sleep surface ever invented. The BioMedic memory foam orthopedic dog bed contours perfectly to your dog's body. It forms to your dog's exact shape providing even support and unparalleled comfort. Unlike other dog bed materials BioMedic memory foam disperses compression points that aggravate orthopedic conditions. It actually absorbs pressure instead of reflecting it back to your dog. This is perfect for older or challenged dogs, and any dog of any age appreciates the incredible comfort.

Other dog bed materials compress and compact at the points where the most weight is applied. The harder you press on these beds the more counter pressure or resistance is built up. These pressure points are why people and pets toss and turn at night to try to get away from the pressure build up and discomfort is causes. The obvious problem is that even with turning over the pressure points soon develop again. This is also why you, or your pet, wake up sore and unrested.

BioMedic orthopedic dog beds provide maximum comfort.

Poochieheaven carries many dog sofas that feature BioMedic foam.

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