Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bessie & Barnie Sofa Bed

I LOVE Bessie & Barnie Dog Beds. Duke has two of them in the bagel shape and I've been wanting one for Jax, but he isn't a big fan of laying on actual dog beds, so I didn't want to get one and have it sitting around without being used.

Jax does like laying on furniture though- couches, chairs, etc. Bessie & Barnie has a sofa bed option that I thought I would try.

1. It is furniture like- which he enjoys sleeping on and wrestling with his mice in.
2. It would look super cute in the living, so even if he doesn't use it, it will still look nice (FYI: He is currently sleeping on the couch, next to me while I type...)

So far we have had to for 3 days. He has slept in it a handful of times and has played with his mice in it a handful of time.

The thing I love about Bessie and Barnie beds is the fact that they are available in sooo many different colors and designs. They have one to match your home decor no matter what it is. My favorite fabric is the rosebud fur. They are extremely soft. They are also made in the USA, so buy purchasing one, you are keeping jobs in the USA and do not need to worry about toxins from China.

Do you own a Bessie and Barnie bed?

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