Monday, May 24, 2010

Dog Car Seat Belts

It terrifies me when I see small dogs sticking their heads out a very open car window or large dogs in the back of pick up trunks. While I know that most dogs have no issues, it makes me sad for those that happen to hit a bump and end up injured or worse.

I think that there is a reason why us humans have laws for seats belts- it is for our safety. I think that when we drive we should also think about our pets safety.

If you do not have your dog in a dog carrier , dog crate, or dog car seat you really should think about giving them a dog seat belt.

Not only will these save your dog if you were to be in an accident, but they can also prevent distractions because your dog will no longer be able to climb where ever they please.

Dog seat belt harnesses are available in multiple sizes, so whether you are looking for your small Shih Tzu or your large bull dog, they will be protected.

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