Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is supposed to be in the high 80s here the next few days. That means that lots of people will be out on the water. Make sure you pooch is looking stylish with dog bathing suits.

There are a few different styles of swimsuits for dogs available. The first option are swim trunks for male dogs. Just like the ones daddy will be wearing, you boy can sport a stylish pair of Hawaiian swim trunks. They are available in colors such as green, orange, black, red, and more!

For those ladies, you will want a dog bikini. Just like with humans, there are dog bikinis that come more than other. They are also multiple colors such as shiny gold, skull and crossbones, floral, polka dot, and many more. There is also a one piece swim suit for those dogs wanting more coverage.

Our dog swimsuits are available in many different sizes- so whether you have a tiny Maltese or a beautiful cocker spaniel, at Poochieheaven you'll find some dog swimwear for them.

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