Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring H.H. Backer Review

This past weekend I went out to Baltimore to the H.H. Backer Spring Show. It is a trade show where vendors go to showcase their products.

Besides having to stay another night because my flight got delayed it was a good trip.

Below are a sampling of new items that we will soon have at Poochieheaven.

Dog Carriers- We have two options of dog carriers. They are a standard dog carrier in blue and pink along with a wheeled dog carrier for large dogs in black. They are not fancy or expensive carriers, but will be great for airline trips or trips to the vet.

Dog Collars- We ordered new collars from two vendors. One is the common ribbon and nylon collars. We ordered some great novelty prints, so those looking for a cabin themed collar or want to go edgy with skulls, watch our website in the next 2 weeks for them to be added. The other collars we ordered are fabulous leather collars with Swarovski crystals and studs. They are absolutely stunning. They are mostly for large dogs, so those big dogs will be getting some love!

Supplements for Dogs- The more I learn about dog nutrition the more I realize that there are certain dog supplements that will greatly benefit your dog (just like the vitamins you take). We ordered some great organic and all natural supplements that will help with your dog's joints, UTIs, fish oil, and more. These are all made in the USA and are used by many of the top show dogs in the country.

Dog Car Seat Covers- With Spring and soon Summer upon us you will be traveling with your dog more and will want to protect your dog. We have new one of a kind fabrics for dog car seat covers. Along with this are new dog seat belts that are unlike any other on the market.

Dog Furniture- Darling new furniture beds and toy boxes will be coming to Poochieheaven. While they will only be for small dogs, these are a piece that you can put in your living room and people would think it belongs!

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