Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Your Wedding- Include your Dog

When you get married you will want to include you dog- either in pictures, during the ceremony, or after wards at the reception. If you are going to have your dog participate you need them to dress up!

At Poochieheaven we have a wide range of dog wedding attire. Whether you are looking for items for your male or female dog, you will not walk away disappointed.

1. Dog Tuxedos: Our most popular wedding items are dog tuxedos. They are available in multiple colors and sizes to fit the smallest puppies to large 100lb dogs.

2. Dog Wedding Dresses: If you want one of your bridesmaids to be your pup, make sure she is looking her best with a beautiful dog wedding dress. These are also great for those that are marrying two dogs!

3. Ring Bearer Items: From t-shirts, pillows, and scarves; if your furry one is walking the symbol of love down the aisle make sure they look great doing it.

4. Wedding Collars & Leash: These items are great for dogs that will not tolerate wearing clothing. You can get party collars that will stick out or classic dove collars.

No matter what type of dog wedding attire you are looking for, at Poochieheaven we will make sure your dog is a day to remember.

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