Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Two of my Favorite Brands

People will often comment that "wow, your products are so expensive" It is hard to explain sometimes over the internet and email that the items I sell are high quality products, things you won't find at the Walmarts and many can't be found at Petco. Just like everything in life, items that are higher quality are more expensive. At the same time, they also last longer, which is needed for the wear and tear that your dog will put these items through. Many of these items are the "designer" items in the pet industry.

Two of my favorite brand are Kwigy-Bo and Bessie and Barnie.

Kwigy-Bo is best known for their dog carriers. Theses carriers are amazing. I have never heard one complaint about them. These dog carriers come recommended by so many people that i was very excited to add them to my site. Kwigy-Bo also makes a variety of dog clothing, which is also of exceptional quality. There are many different colors and styles, including a more manly one, which are so hard to find! Buy a Kwigy-Bo Dog Carrier today!

Bessie and Barnie is best known for their dog beds. These beds are Made in the USA! Their dog beds are available in round, square, and a sofa style. They come in many different sizes and are available in hundreds of color and design options. They are exteremly high quality and won't break down after your dog has sleep on it for a month. Bessie & Barnie also makes a dog harness that is very well known and highly recommended. Buy a Bessie and Barnie Dog Bed today!

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