Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Freezy Pups for Dogs

With the hot summer here, it often takes something cool for each of us to feel relief from the hot summer sun, and for the family dog, Freezy Pups  are delicious frozen treats for the dog that provide that relief.  The treats are organic make at home frozen treats that dogs absolutely love, especially on those hot summer days. 
The treats come in many different flavors, such as white cheddar cheese, chicken soup, juicy apple, and sweet potato n maple and made from organic ingredients which include chick, wheat, corn soy and contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients. 
One starter kit is relatively affordable which includes the Freezy Pups bone ice cube tray and one package of each flavor of the mix for the treats.  The mix is simply combined with water and then poured into the ice cube tray a frozen.  Replacement mixes make 70 treats which is a wonderful value.  

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