Thursday, April 21, 2011

Designer Showcase: Louis Dog

If you have landed here, then chances are you are you a dog owner that is in search of quality products? Perhaps you have tried to familiarize yourself with the various pet stores and still haven't come up with the style that you truly want for your pet. This is a common occurrence among pet owners. Quality products are tough to find and which is the reason that pet owners are finding Louis Dog so valuable.

Louis Dog not only offers quality dog merchandise they offer it for an affordable price. The site allows the pet owner to shop for toys, clothes, carriers, collars and leashes, harnesses and special products such as grooming and spa therapies that the pooch finds so exhilarating. They also carry designer products, so if you are a fan of Betty Boop, Oscar Newman, Sherpa or one of the many other stars, you will find exactly what you are looking for at Louis Dog.

Furniture is also merchandise that the site carries. From luxurious dog beds to simple pillows, your pooch will be simply comfortable.

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