Friday, April 22, 2011

Designer: Mimi Green Collars

Looking for that luxurious attire for you special friend?  While it is said that man is dog’s best friend, dog is also man’s best friend.  And, if you happen to be one of those pet owners who loves to lavish their pet then you will find Mimi Green of special interest.  The site offers everything a pet owner and pet would love to indulge in.  And, the best part is they also have “Doggie Deals” with up to a 50 percent savings!

There is something special about showing that unique spirit of your animal and whether it is a lace collar, a studded collar, a special shirt or a pair of pants or even that special spritz or shampoo or gel that makes Fido feel so special you will find it at Mimi Green.

Mimi Green is putting the “pet” in pet and helping to allow dog owners the grace of caring for their animal in the most special way.  A way that truly says “I Love You”. 

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