Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Types of Dog Carriers

Dog carriers are designed to transport a dog or puppy from one destination to another. Often times, containment of a dog is required under law, such as when traveling on planes. Other times, it is nice just to pack your hound along with you. For this reason, there are many different styles of dog carriers that will meet your needs whatever your needs.

Different Types of Dog Carriers:

Plastic: This is one of the most popular for traveling on planes. The plastic dog carriers are entirely plastic with the exception of the metal door. It is important to get the correct size for your dog as a dog can become quite uncomfortable after traveling for any considerable amount of length. Check the label to ensure that it is suitable for a dog your size.

Crates: Crates are often preferred for dogs that will be traveling in a car as they give a bit more room and are better ventilated.

Backpack Dog Carriers; backpack carriers are great when you are traveling and want your pet right with you. They are easy and fit on your body the same as a backpack would.

Roller Carriers: Roller Carriers are much like the luggage with wheels. The carrier will be hand held until you pull out the wheels and handles and then you can easily push the dog in the carrier from place to place.

Shoulder Carriers; Shoulder dog carriers are very popular among owners of miniature and small dogs. These are much like a purse that fits over your shoulder.

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