Tuesday, March 01, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day Dog Items

Even Fido can get in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with special St. Patrick’s Day dog items.  If you have a pet that loves being the center of attention and a major role in the family, then you definitely will want to include them in the St. Patti‘s Celebration. 

A few great gifts for Fido this year include:

St. Patrick’s Day Dog Clothes.  Let Fido celebrate with his own special attire.  You can choose from many clothing items such as hats, shirts and gowns- all in green of course!

St. Patrick’s Day Dog Jewelry:  This year there is a great selection in St. Patti’s dog jewelry for all those hounds that like to be a bit higher in class!  Choose from studded collars, bandanas, bows and more. 

St. Patrick’s Day Dog Bones:  No day is complete without the taste of the Irish and this year Fido can have his own special celebration with St. Patrick’s Day bones.  In green and in a variety of flavors.

Nothing beats a festive celebration more than the entire family being involved!

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