Friday, March 25, 2011

Nail Polish & Nail Polish Pens for Dogs

A day at the spa is wonderful for all of us.  And, for dog owners that truly care for their animal, there is nothing better than a pedicure to protect there hard traveled nails.  Dog nail polish not only adds life to the animal as you can show off their spirit in the color of the dog nail polish, it protects their nails from the daily wear and tear.

Dog nail polish is water and chip resistant.   Dog nail polish comes in glitter, solids and transparent colors and truly leaves the animal dazzling.  For dogs that love being pampered dog nail polish is a great idea. 

Dog nail polish is fairly inexpensive.  You can purchase a bottle for a little over a dollar.  One coat is normally all that needs to be applied, so the bottle goes quite a long way and the animal will truly love the comfort of the dog nail polish on their nails.

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