Friday, March 25, 2011

Large Dog Sunglasses

We all need protection from the hard sun rays that can be harmful to our eyes.  Dogs are no different!  Dog sunglasses not only are a fashion statement that dogs that love getting dressed enjoy, but they help to protect the dog’s eyes from the damaging sun.

Dog sunglasses are UV block, shatterproof and anti fog lenses.  They are designed to adjust to the dog’s head and are flexible to protect.   Whether your animal is a fan of rhinestone’s or chrome, there is design in dog sunglasses that truly will have their interest.

For dogs that are use to getting dressed there should be no problem getting them acquainted to dog sunglasses.  They are comfortable with a flexible fit and secure with their straps that fit nicely around the animals head.  Dog sunglasses come in all different colors and the price ranges from around $10 up.

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