Monday, June 14, 2010

Manners Monday

Manners Monday is a new feature on Poochieheaven's blog where we will discuss different manners that make living with your pet easier. If you have anything you would like discussed, email with your comments.

My favorite command.

One of my all time favorite commands that make living with Duke much easier is the command "bed".

For those that crate their dog, it can be an extension of the "go to your crate" command. I really like this command because whether he is in trouble, annoying me, or waiting to get a really good treat, all I have to say is "bed" and he goes to his bed and lays down (or sit if he is really excited).

How to do:

1. Make sure your dog knows what their bed is. Start by taking them to their bed and saying "good boy, lay on your bed" or when they are laying on their bed, gives them treats and praise them more for laying on their bed.

2. After they know that their bed, is there bed, start with lots of good situations to have them go on their bed. Before giving them their night time treat, have them go to their bed and wait. Before going for walks, have them go to their bed and wait and put their leash on their.

3. After they have successfully gotten down the "bed" command for a treat or other positive reward, try working in the command where they don't always get a positive reward. Make it every other time, then once every four times, etc. This way they come to do the command without always expecting a treat.

4. Finally the last step is to use the "bed" command when it is not something good. I use the bed command when Duke is doing something naughty, when I need to vacuum and he gets in the way, or when people come over who are not as dog friendly as others.

Again, I love this command because it works so well in many different situations.

Duke is laying on this Bessie and Barnie Dog Bed.

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