Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Carriers

At Poochieheaven we recently got in two new types of dog carriers.

They are made by Bergan and are great for airline travel. They are not flashy and will not work as a discreet carrier, but they are great for traveling. Whether you are going to the vet, daycare, grandparents, or on a plane, these carriers will get the job done.

There are two types- one with wheels and one without wheels.

The Wheeled Comfort Carrier is black in color and will hold dogs up to 22lbs and can either work as a regular carrier or as a wheeled carrier. It provides plenty of ventilation and pockets for other goodies.

The Comfort Carrier is available in two color- Comfort Carrier Blue and Comfort Carrier Pink. These carriers will hold dogs up to 10lbs and provide ample amounts of ventilation with a patented Pet Connect which allows you to pet your dog safely while they are in the carrier.

Make sure to stop by Poochieheaven and find the perfect dog carrier for you.

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