Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cool Dog Tricks

When searching to find new tricks to teach my dog, I created a list that one day I'd like to teach him.

1. Walk the dog- this trick is done by either having the dog hold their own leash in their mouth or holding the leash of another dog in their mouth.

2. Balancing the Treat on their nose- this trick is when you take a treat and set it on their nose and they flick it in the air and catch it. (I can get my dog to hold it for about 1 second, but instead of flicking it up, he just drops it, we are still working on this :) ).

3. Chasing their tail- this trick is when they chase their tail and spins in circles. While it may seem like a dog has gone a little crazy, I think it is a cute trick.

4. Talk- I have a friend who has a miniature schnauzer that she can make make it talk. While it really is not talk it sounds like he can "say" many words. If you can't get them to talk, just barking would work.

5. Reverse/Back up- this trick is when your dog will back up on command. While being a good trick it is also helpful for real life situations. One example is when they are standing by the dog and you want to leave and you can't open the door. Telling them to back up solves your problem!

Which tricks does your dog know?


michael said...

Another great trick is to teach a dog to pick up things from the floor. That way you can get it to clean up after you or after itself :)

Anonymous said...

My 9 year old Golden Retriever, Aspen, can get the paper, roll over, speak, stand up, balance a treat on his nose, walk without a leash, and count to 3. :)

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