Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Reason Not to Buy a Puppy from a Pet Store

I have read and seen many things about puppy mills. I even had the chance to go to a dog auction (which is a whole post by itself). This video is by far the sadest thing I have seen.


Please note this are graphic and sad images.

Remember, please get your dogs from a shelter, rescue, or a responsible breeder. Every dog at a pet store is from a puppy mill, no matter what they tell you.

While not all puppy mills are this aweful, most are and are not caught. For more information about puppy mills visit-


Sassys mommy said...

I agree puppy mills are horrible places. Ive been lucky enough to have the privilege of adopting a rescue poodle that was a rescue from a puppy mill. Sassy was used as a breeding dog and even though she is only 6 years old her body is worn out from all the breeding and she has lots of white and gray hair from it. Although her story is a sad one she now has a forever home with me and its been challenging for me with her training but she is very quick to learn and so sweet. I just dont understand why people even run mills. She has been subject to abuse and is very skittish when I pick up a flyswatter. I would never use it on her but she hasnt learned that yet and still runs when she sees it. I geg others to please adopt rescue dogs, they are very appreciative of having a safe home and are very good pets if you train them right.

Dog Carriers said...

I thank you for having the patience to be able take a dog like this. She will eventually realize that you love her and hopefully over time, be able to be a "normal" and happy dog.

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