Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dog Toys

Poochieheaven has recently added my favorite dog toy. This is a dog chew toy called a Kong. It is a durable dog toy made of rubber that is hollow in the middle which allows you to fill it with your dog's favorite dog treat or peanut butter. Your dog will then spend time trying to get the treat out of the Kong. A busy dog is a happy and content dog! Kongs are great in that they are available in many different sizes, so they work for small dogs and large dogs. Another great thing about these tough dog toys are that they bounce in many different directions making your dog think. I would recommend a Dog Kong to anyone.

My favorite thing to do with my dog's kong is to fill it with peanut butter and then freeze it. This way it keeps my dog cool and takes him longer to try and lick it out.

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