Monday, July 14, 2008

Black Dog Syndrome

Did you know that black dogs are usually the last dogs to be adopted? It is especially true with large black dogs.

While there isn't an exact reason why this happens there are several theories. It is mostly an unconscious thing, sort of like why black cats have problems finding homes. Many times in stories, big black dogs are scary, mean, and aggressive. A second reason is that black dogs may appear older than what they already are (my dog already has gray around his mouth and he is only 3). Another reason may be that they can be hard to see in dimly lit shelters. They just kind of fade into the background and may be hard to see in pictures posted online. Lastly, and the most sad is that many black dogs are turned into shelters and ignored because people don't like the black hair on their furniture.

Poochieheaven would love to hear your stories about the black dogs you have rescue or brought into your home.

For those big black dogs, spruce up their appearance with some big dog clothing.

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