Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mindy's Puppies

Hello all! Just letting everyone know that Mindy is definitely due around November 18-20th. She is getting fat now. We are getting everything ready for her and her pups. Not sure how many she will have but one is already taken. So if anyone is interested give us an email at . We are going to be offering "Puppy Packages" if she has more than 1 or 2 pups. You will get the puppy and also a bed, carrier, bowls, food, collar, leash and maybe an outfit. It will be discounted from the store price if you purchase everything. We will be having a viewing of the pups when they are several weeks old. Also just to let everyone know about Mindy, she is sweet with the best personality. She is cute and loves to be brushed and to be spoiled. She is also GREAT with kids. She is AKC Registered and has great parents. She house trained easy and just a smart dog. The father is Chewy. He also has a great personality and is as sweet as can be. Before Mindy got pregnant she weighed 9 pounds and Chewy was 10lbs. So they are both on the smaller end of the Standard Shih-Tzu size and weight. Chewy has produced some puppies that only grew to be 4 or 5 lbs. But I will keep you updated and let everyone know how many she has and how they all are doing. Only a week and a half left!!!

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