Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hello all

Well today I had to add some more dog strollers to the site. I love them. Especially the pink stroller with the rain cover. Everyone may want to check it out. I also have added some more luxury dog beds! I have a busy day ahead with the kids. And I think my shih tzu is pregnant. We are hoping so. If so they will be due mid November. So if anyone is wanting a wonderful Shih Tzu (which I have to say are the sweetest dogs on earth) then email me. They will be AKC Registered and come from a great line of dogs. We are also going to be offering a package deal with the dogs. It will probably include a bed, leash, harness and a few other things. We are setting that up when we take her to the vet next week to confirm she is pregnant. Well I will keep everyone udated and I hope everyone has a great day!!

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