Saturday, April 07, 2012

Best Pet Products Website?

You have pets and are looking for the best pet products? is the best website for online shopping for pet supplies.

They carry pet products for many small pets including:
*Large and small Dog supplies
*Cat products
*Small animal products like cages, food, toys and collars
*Supplies for reptiles
*The best products for birds
*Fish supplies like tanks, food and accessories

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Find the best dog birthday supplies online at

Looking for the best party items for your dogs birthday. Here is the perfect website for all your party needs. is the best online store for your party.

They specialize in dog birthday party supplies including:
*Dog birthday cakes
*Dog birthday clothing
*Treats for your birthday dog
*Birthday dog collars
*Toys for the party dog
*and Dog birthday party cards and invitations.

Visit today for your little pals best birthday supplies.

Puchase The Best Small Dog Supplies Online

If you have a small dog and are looking for the best supplies or products for your puppy you need to visit

You will find the best tiny dog supplies of line including:
*Small dog carriers such as travel carriers, puppy purses and strollers all for the small dog in your life
*Clothes for your small dog- find the best jackets, coats, dresses, hoodies, costumes, panties, pajamas. swimsuits and t-shirts
* small dog accessories will dress your pup up, find the best charms, bows and barrettes, shoes, sunglasses and hats.

Treat your dog with the best small dog products at

Where to Purchase Products For a Big Dog?

Do you have a large dog? Do you need products for a big dog? Dogs that are large have  special needs. You can find many great supplies for big dogs at

Popular big dog products include:

*Big dog clothes- this includes sweaters, jackets or coats, dresses, wedding attire, panties and the popular dog costumes.
*Big dog accessories - find great accessories like charms, jewelry, sunglasses and dog boots or shoes.
*Big dog collars - including dog collars, harnesses and leashes.

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Where to Buy Large Pet Toys?

In some countries, many people like keeping dogs of which they provide them with all the necessities like food, vaccines, clothes and other outfits. This may not sound familiar to others who have never reared a dog or even a cat so that they can know how to take care of them. If you are new to keeping domestic dogs, you may wonder the need of large pet toys as they help them a lot like playing.

If you are one keeping large dogs and wondering where to get the large dog toys, then you can always count on selling the toys of all kinds plus many other pet outfits. Some of the benefits you can enjoy from this boutique include; better customer services, security in shopping, variety of products and even cheap rates to their products. Some of these pet dog toys serve other purposes to people in the house for example there are those who like holding them and even play with them.

In the house, you can find toys placed on sofa sets, beds and along the window frames such that they can be easily seen by the dogs. In one way or the other, many of these toys look alike requiring a customer to mention the name of the designer for easy identification and sorting. 

The Easiest Way to Dress up your Pet

Besides getting your dog wearing several outfits like collars, sweaters and so on, T-shirts are the easiest in wearing. On the other hand, not many people are aware that dogs and even cats wear clothes but this is normal to most European countries and others in the world. If one is naive concerning this, he or she may wonder how this happens starting from making your pets get familiar and know how to wear such clothes. T-shirts for pets do not involve many things like buttoning thus making them much simpler to wear.

There are so many shops and boutiques selling all the clothes for pets but in most cases, it is very rare to get large stocks for t-shirts for big dogs since the manufacturers consider making them on order. For the few dog t-shirts available in the shops customers have to hurry in order to catch up with the long queues so that they can meet their high demands for them. When dressing up your dog with the t-shirts, they look great since most of them are not too frilly and this is one of the best ways of making the wardrobe for your dog to grow.

Having known that t-shirts for big dogs are essential to your pets, then it is wise to take an option of enlarging your wardrobe with these t-shirts and other outfits. The manufacturers of these t-shirts, they make them in various designs, style, colors and sizes so that they can meet all the demands of the customers plus taking care of the different sizes of the pets. What the customers need to do us for them to get into the stores and peruse all the types of t-shirts are available and then make the right decision. To mention some of the t-shirts for big dogs include; scribbled Merry Christmas Dog T-shirts, Cutie Pie Large Dog T-shirts and so on. Find many Pet supplies at

Types of Dog Carriers for Small Dogs

Dog carries for small dogs are great when you want to travel with your dog or love to keep your dog by your side wherever you go. It is important that you get the right dog carrier, as there are many available in the market to choose from.

Smalls dogs tend to be livelier and restless as compared to larger dogs. So if the dog carriers are used properly, they can benefit both the dog and the owner in a number of ways.  Transporting dogs in cars or vehicles can be dangerous if the dog keeps disturbing the driver, so it is best to buy a dog carrier to keep both the driver and the dog safe while traveling or on the move.

Dog carriers for small dogs are widely available in any design and shape so buy the right one. You will need to consider many different things such as space, material and durability of the carrier. This is because it can affect how safe and comfortable your dog is in the carrier.

You will find small dog travel carriers, strollers and purses in the market. The travel carriers are best if you want to take your dog with you when you are traveling by plane or car, as they are easy to carry and are very durable. The strollers are great if you want to take your dogs in events where there will be many people. You can easily keep your dog safe during the event. Whereas the dog purses are best if you want to take your dog for a walk in large crowds, because purses can easily be turned into leashes and harnesses for your dog to move about.

So when you are out and about, why not take your dog with you as they would defiantly love some fresh air with the help of these dog carriers.

The Importance of Clothes for Small Dogs

It just makes anyone happy to see a miniature Pincher, a Maltese, a Yorkie, or a Chihuahua dressed up on those clothes for small dogs. According to many surveys, many pet lovers intend to own and take care of such adorable little animals to dress them up. Surely, such animals are not toys but because they are often seen in costumes, they are now frequently referred to as toy dogs. Animal rights activists should not be offended because that referral is meant for cute and fabulous animals that everyone would certainly not fail to love. 

Are you taking care of one? You should consider buying clothes for small dogs as a necessity. Contrary to what many people think, such small dog outfits are not just to play up with the little dogs’ size and appearance. As always, such small clothes have their own importance—for overall protection against natural elements. As you can see, such breeds of little dogs are not created to face the extremes from nature, unlike their wilder and bigger relatives. As some researchers point out, toy dogs are mostly brought up for humans to protect and shield them. Such animals cannot possibly live on their own as they have to be always provided for.

Clothes for small dogs are meant to help toy dogs deal and cope with the cruel and unpredictable weather elements. Dogs, even though they have fur, are not always naturally protected from freezing temperature and torrential rains. They can also catch flu or other related ailments if they are not properly protected. Thus, since little dogs can never provide for such luxuries, it will be your responsibility as a dog owner to provide them with small clothing. If you love your adorable little darling, you will make her comfortable all the time

It’s Definitely Nice to Have a Dog Themed Birthday Party

There are plenty of dog lovers who really love throwing a dog themed birthday party for their little pooches. Are you a dog lover and want to share the love that you share with your family members? If so, you can share the love with your pooch by throwing such a lovely dog birthday party. You can have the time of your life deciding what would be done to throw such a party for your little doggie. First of all, you need to find out exactly which pooches you want to have invited to your dog’s birthday party.

Yes, it’s definitely a good idea to have people you know bring over their dogs for the dog themed birthday party. You can send out edible invitations that your soon-to-be party guests will love to eat. If you want to continue on with the planning of such an occasion, there’s more preparing to do. You need to make sure that a cake is baked. You shouldn’t bake a cake that’s not dog-friendly. It should be friendly for humans and dogs. This might be somewhat difficult to find, but there are stores that sell such cakes. Also, there are recipes that you can obtain that allow you to bake a cake that’s edible for humans and dogs.

Also, you need to let all of your doggie’s birthday guests know exactly where they need to be at for the party. You can spend a little extra cash to get a hold of some gifts for the birthday guests. It’d be very nice to have all of the doggie guests leave with a nice takeaway bag full of dog birthday treats and toys. You can throw a very nice dog themed birthday party for your pooch. Like I said before, there are many dog lovers who’re doing this, and it’s actually become a very nice trend.

A Very Nice Dog Birthday Party Can Speak Volumes

If you’ve a dog and know that it’s almost time to celebrate his/her birthday, it could be a very nice thing to throw him/her a dog birthday party. It could be sweet to throw a spectacular party for your wonderful bundle of joy. There are many ways that you can pull this kind of thing off without having to spend an arm and a leg. Oh yes, it’s true, and many people have already been able to take care of this sort of occasion without having to empty their bank accounts. A doggie birthday party isn’t expensive to have for you little pooch.

You should make sure to obtain the much-needed supplies for the very special occasion. Also, it could be quite nice to have your dog’s hair trimmed, so he/she can look quite immaculate at his/her pup birthday party. Again, you should be well-prepared. You should make sure to bake a dog-friendly birthday cake, so your pooch and other dogs have a nice meal to eat. You should make sure that they’ve a big cake, because it can be a nice thing to do, especially if you invite a good amount of dogs over for the dog birthday party.

In order to make sure that the doggie birthday party goes well, you should make sure to send off invitations to the dogs that you want to come over for the special occasion. Also, you need to make sure that all dog owners bring them over on their leashes, just in case some dogs want to become hostile. You can never be too safe. After you make sure that all of these things are complete, you can simply sit back and enjoy watching your dog have a great time at his/her own  birthday party. You’ll definitely love being able to see how happy your dog will be.

Large Dog Collars Would Help Individualize Your Dog

Do you want to individualize you and your dog from others? You can do such a thing by getting a very nice collar for your dog. You can obtain one of the many large dog collars online, because it’s so much easier to buy such merchandise online. This isn’t a sales add; this is noted by factual experiences. There are many dog lovers who absolute love being able to find some of the nicest merchandise for their dogs. If you want to show off your dog’s personality and spark, you can obtain one of the market’s new and improved big dog collars for your pooch.

Oh yes, there’s a very good way to show off that your dog can sport fashionable clothing and collars. You can keep your dog’s fashionable ways up-to-date and provide him/her with the ideal large hip dog collar. There are plenty of  dog collars available for males and females. If you want to allow your dog to show their individuality, it can be quite awesome to have him/her have the ideal collar that will allow him/her to do such a thing. Your pooch will be so happy to have one.

Like I said before, you can obtain a dog collar for your dog, no matter if it’s a male or female. You can obtain one of the fanciest, breath-taking large dog collars for your female. If you want her to show off her fashionable ways, it can be quite nice to have a colorful collar for her. If you’ve a male dog, it can be superb letting him show his wild side with a spike dog collar. There’s a huge selection of big dog collars from which you can choose, and many of them are available online. You can buy the one that really fits your dog’s personality and individuality

Get Your Dog Some Fashionable Large Dog Apparel

The many different kinds of clothing you can choose for your dog is definitely available. If you want to make sure that your dog has the clothing that will make him/her look like a superstar in the neighborhood, it can be quite ideal to get him such some of the most fashionable large dog apparel. If you think that it’s finally about time for your dog to look quite stunning, there are plenty of online stores that help with such an issue. Oh yeah, there are sweaters, t-shirts, ties, wedding attire, and many of other kinds of apparel for your big pooch.

Yes, summer is definitely the season where t-shirts are in, and you can allow your dog to have many t-shirts that will have him/her look quite fabulous. It’d be so cute to have your dog wear some of the coolest apparel on the market. Oh yeah, if you’ve a female dog, it can be so nice being able to put a large dog  dress on her. This would be the ideal big dog apparel for your female pooch. You can take as many pictures as you can with such apparel on your big dog.

For the winter season, it’s best to have your dog dress up in a sweater or a coat. These two pieces of  dog apparel are quite ideal to use for such a season. You don’t want your dog to be cold or get sick, so it’d be a good idea to find a fashionable sweater or coat that your doggie can wear. There’s definitely a limitless selection of large dog apparel for your pooch. It’s up to you to choose which kind of clothing would be best for your dog to wear. I bet you’ll have fun being able to see for yourself how cute your pooch will look wearing such clothing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Gifts for Dogs

With Christmas only a few days behind us, it is time to start thinking about the next holiday. That would be Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is a fun time to dress up your dog in shades of pinks, purples, and lots of hearts! While those with male dogs may find this holiday a little overwhelming, those will female dogs will find a wide range of items to dress up their pup! At Poochieheaven, we have a wide selection of Valentine's Day gifts for dogs. Ranging from collars to shirts, to dresses to pajamas, you'll find something Valentine's like at Poochieheaven.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Dog Pajamas

As the weather takes a turn for the worst here in Wisconsin I am reminded that extra warmth and protection is needed to keep Piper warm! One of my favorite ways of doing this is dog pajamas. Just as you and I enjoy a nice, new, warm pair of pajamas, your dog can now as well! We have a variety of pajamas to fit small dogs- from flannel, fleece, cotton, and more. Not everyone lives in the cold state of Wisconsin, so a cotton pair of dog pajamas may be more suitable than a thick fleece pair. Either way, keeping your dog warm at night, just got easier and more fashionable!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Dresses, Sweaters, Costumes & More!

While Halloween is by far the most popular time that people dress up their dogs, Christmas isn't too far behind. At Poochieheaven, we have a large selection of dog Christmas clothes to help you dress up your pup this year. From darling sweaters to handsome tuxedos, to funny costumes, we have a great selection for you to choose from. For those looking for an item that is a little bit fun, and a little bit practical, the dog santa hat is just what you need!

For those with two dogs- we have many types of matching dog outfits- such as a dress and a shirt. We also don't leave out any sized dogs! We have items that will fit the tiniest pups to the largest pups!

See below for a few pictures.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Buddy Belts in Stock!

At Poochieheaven we have been wanting to carry Buddy Belts for a long time! But for different reasons we haven't yet, but finally they are in! These harnesses are easy to put on, protect your dog's trachea, and are available in many different colors and patterns to suit your dog's styles.

If you are in the need for a new harness, I would highly suggest a Buddy Belt Harness, they are wonderful harnesses and are available in many sizes from tiny puppies to large dogs!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

That Time is Starting!

While the weather has been unseasonably warm here in Wisconsin the last two weeks, many areas of the country are experiences cold weather and even snow already! Along with this change to Fall and Winter you might want to start thinking about getting your dog some dog sweaters. At Poochieheaven, we have a great selection of sweaters for your dog. We carry sweaters for those pups from 1lb to 100lbs! So that all dogs can stay warm.

This year, we have the classic favorites such as the cable knit and fisherman knit sweaters. These are always a favorite and great for everyday wear.

We also have some new sweaters this year such as the Holiday Penguin and the Piggy Hoodie, both of these are excellent sweaters and will also be a special treat for those special parties.
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