Thursday, July 21, 2011

Types of Designer Dog Carriers

Designer dog carriers are the high end carriers and ones that many owners are finding fit right in with their personal style as well as being a convenient means to transport their pet.
There are some very high class designer dog carriers which include:
Gucci Dog Bag
These designer dog bags are definitely classic.  The bags are designed to be sophisticated with leather trim, the Gucci signature handles and zippered openings.  The bags are comfortable with removable cushions and pads and well ventilated for the animal. 
Juicy Couture Dog Carrier
Juicy is another popular designer dog bag that are glittery, frilly and girlly in very attractive colors.  The bags definitely spark of personality and comfort.  Different designs include heart shaped windows, gold or silver accents, webbed shoulder straps and sparkling charms and chains.
Louis Vitton Dog Carrier 50
The Louis Vitton Dog Carrier 50 is a spacious dog bag that is water and scratch resistant which includes attractive breathable mesh windows and a roll up flap.  The carrier is classic with brass accents and leather handles. 

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