Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Dog Shoes and Sandals

It is the time of year again where everywhere the pouch travels the pavement or ground is hot!  Dog’s paws and pads are especially vulnerable during the hot summer months and having the sensitive paws protected is especially important for dog that are traveling on hot pavement, sand or ground.
Summer dog shoes include a variety of styles this year with everything to choose from which include styles for indoors and outdoors.  The shoes are breathable for summer and include the extra reinforcement around the toe, sides and heel which helps to protect the dog’s paws from abrasions and blistering. 
For indoors, the shoes are ideal to help the dog from slipping on tile and floors, and to help protect furniture from the dog’s nails.  For dog’s that like to swim in pools with liners, the dog shoes are a great protection from the dog’s nails as well.   
To measure the pouch’s paws simply trace tightly around one front paw and one back.  You will then be asked by the site the measurements or to fax the traced paw print to the company.

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