Thursday, July 07, 2011

Styptic Powder for Cut Dog Nails

Styptic powder for dogs is something that should be in the medicine cabinet for each of our family pets. Why? Because it is an antiseptic clotting agent and when grooming the dogs nails, can come in very handy. Often when groom dog nails, owners clip the nails too short, cutting into one of the many blood vessels in the nails. This is not only uncomfortable for the dog; it can cause a threat of infection.
When a blood vessel is clipped, the nails begin to bleed. And, there can be an excessive amount of blood. With the styptic powder, the antiseptic clotting agent not only helps to heal the wound, it helps to stop the bleeding.
By sprinkling a small amount onto to the dog’s nails, the vessels will contract pulling them back into the dog’s claw. Because it
Because the styptic powder causes the vessels to contract further back into the claw and clots the blood, it makes for future trimmings easier. Simply sprinkle on a small amount on the nail on the affected area.

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Beaverton Pet Clinic said...

That's so nice of you to post this reminder. Dogs are so prone for nail injuries and this tip can really alleviate their pain.

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