Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun Summer Dog Hats

There is no doubt that the sun is hard on us all.  Pets are no exception.  There is also no doubt that they can be a stylish addition to the wardrobe!
Whatever the reason for the dog hat, and there are many, there are many great styles to choose from this year.  For the summer time collection, there are beach hats, dog sun hats, straw hats, and nearly every type of hat imaginable.  In fact, if it is made for the human, it is made for the dog.  Whether your dog a sailor or just enjoying the luxuries of the sun this year’s fashions has something that will suit whatever type personality your dog is.
Styles include caps, straw hats, beach hats, sun hats, cowboy hats, sun visors, biker hats, fur hats, faux hats, and more.  Every style imaginable is available this year which will protect the dog from the bright sunlight and there is definitely a style to match their personality.

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