Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dog Clothes for on the Boat

Is your second mate man’s best friend?  That is not unusual.  In fact, there are many of us that have our animals along with us on the waterways and the first thought for many of us is getting them dressed for the scene.  Yes, that special sailor’s hat or outfit that is designed just for him, to let all boaters know just how important the crew is.  And, to add that delicate charm that Fido so deserves.

Boat dog clothes for dogs are an important accessory.  From the dog life jacket that could just save his life to the classy sailor shirt and hat that allows the pouch to be part of the captain’s crew and others to take notice.  There is something special that lights up the scene as one boater waves to another and a perfectly suited pouch is on the scene. 

Boat clothes for dogs include everything from life jackets, sailor shirts and hats, sun dresses, t-shirts, swim suits and more.  Everything you could imagine in your wardrobe can be found in the pouches.  And, there isn‘t a better way to hit the waters than each being fully dressed for the scene.

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