Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Small Male Dog Belly Bands.

Belly Bands for dogs are for those dogs that have a problem urinating in the home. For the difficult to housebreak do or puppy they are a great asset to dog owners and the home.

Dogs like to mark their territory and when the territory is the home, it can spell disaster. Dog belly bands do not help the dog to stop urinating but they catch the urine protecting your home. The belly bands are useful however for training that hard to break pooch as the dog does not accomplish his goal and the urine is caught by the belly band. For male dogs this is a great tool in housebreaking. The dog belly bands are comfortable for the dog, although they are not intended to be worn constantly. Definitely not outside! You simply fasten the belly band around the dog’s tummy and private area and your home is protected.

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