Sunday, May 01, 2011

Doggie Life Jackets

Do you happen to have a sailor on board?  Or perhaps just that special companion that you enjoy sharing the waterways with. Either way, like all persons (or in this case animals) aboard, they will have to be protected with the proper safety gear. 

Yes, even our animals need the protection of safety gear.  And, that safety gear is dog life jackets.  There isn‘t anything more heart wrenching than considering a catastrophe on the waterways and our animals being sacrificed due to our lack of intelligence.  With dog life jackets they are able to ride along with us and should that catastrophe occur they are protected. 

While dogs may be some of the greatest swimmers, we cannot risk their lives based on this theory.  Dogs are great swimmers; however currents are also very powerful and have taken some of the greatest swimmers in history down.  If you are a boater, protect your dog with a dog life jacket

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