Saturday, May 07, 2011

Collar Charms for Dog's Collars

Dog collar charms are designed to add pizzazz to the dog!  They are simply added to the dog’s collar to personalize the color to the puppy or hounds personality.  Dog collar charms can be slid onto the collar or they can be attached to the collar with a pendant can be used to attach the dog collar charm.

For owners that like to have their animals the center of attention and the one staring on the block there are some wonderful dog collar charms that include rhinestone, gold and silver that definitely will have them in the glitz!  Dog collar charms can also be the dog’s initial.  For an extra sparkle to you dog collar you might even choose a crystal dog collar charmDog collar charms range from simple initials to expensive glitzy stones and crystals and they definitely will add that touch of personalization to the dog’s collar and your pet!

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