Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful Small Dog Carriers

Today’s carriers for small dogs are not only fashionable; they are sheer luxury for the animal.   Small dog carriers are made of soft comfortable material that is durable and provides the animal the best fitted ride. 

There are different styles in the carriers including the soft sided dog carrier that the owner carries in their hand as the animal rides secure within the carrier.  These carriers provide an area for the dog to look out should they not be a jumper.  There is also the gliding dog carriers or strollers that have a handle attached to a carrier on rollers that the owner pushes as the dog rides inside.  There is also the backpack small dog carrier which straps onto the owners body and the dog travels inside.

For animals that go many places with their owners the small dog carriers are ideal.  They are made for all small breeds of dogs and can be found online.

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