Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Travel in Style with a Designer Dog Carrier

For dog owners that take their pets out on the town there is no better way to make a statement then a designer dog carrier.  Design dog carriers come in many styles such as the stroller style, backpack and soft sided dog carriers.

The stroller carrier is designed for the pet owner to push the dog as it carriers them in their own special carrier that is fitted for the animal.

Backpack dog carriers strap nicely over each should and allows the pet owner to convenient carry the animal on their body.  For animals that love to be close there is no better carrier for having them close to your heart.

Soft sided designer dog carriers are designed for the dog owner to carry the dog.  The carrier is made of soft comfortable material and has two straps which the dog owner carries the carrier.

Even animals get tired of walking.  And, on many outings a leash is tiring.  Designer dog carriers are the perfect means to ensure the comfort of your animal.

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