Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thundershirts for Scared Dogs

What exactly is Thurdershirt?  Well, it is a solution to dog anxiety.  Unfortunately, many of our hounds suffer from anxiety and for those that do, Thundershirt is a solution.

Thundershirt is a gentle solution that dogs that are already suffering from anxiety need.  There is an acceptance to the solution that 80% of the dogs introduced to Thundershirt accept and benefit from, improving their symptoms.  There are hundreds of thousands of dogs that suffer from anxiety in the United States whether it being caused from the owner being away from the home or other circumstances, Thundershirt is a solution to help to ensure that your pets health is cared for.

Many dog’s are anxious and the gentle technology that works for them.  This helps an animal to become calm and stable and is the entire reason for Thundershirt.   Thundershirt will help your pet to relieve their anxiety and behavioral problems and help you to be a better pet owner.

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